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2014-09-14 08:02:58

sunday musing

2014-09-11 15:30:33

A Passion for Fashion Workshop Series, organized by Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI) and Youth Employment Services (YES), is having information sessions for young people between the ages of 16 and 29, coming up on September 15, 16 and 22.  If you have an interest in fashion as a career, these workshops would be a wonderful learning experience, and invaluable to your future as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry.  The event on the 15th will be held at the YES head office while the other two sessions will convene at TFI.



The workshop topics covered will include; intro to fashion, fashion marketing, design, business planning. and more.  Better yet, they're free!  As they're interrelated, it's advisable to take them in sequence.  The series repeats 5 times from mid August to mid November, so making it to all of them is easy and convenient for your busy lifestyle.

Once you've finished all six workshops, you're eligible to enter The Fashionista's Den Competition, where you can win $1000 cash, a one year TFI membership, attend seminars with industry professionals, and benefit from skilled mentors.   If you need more information, go here or contact A Passion for Fashion Coordinator Annie Lam


Educating and helping today's teens, young adults and immigrants to follow their dreams has always been of paramount importance to 3SHAHS founder Shah Emily Noaman.  What arose from her desire to help out young people was the Keeping It Local initiative she came up with five years ago.    Shah herself elaborates on this;

"[It] is close to my heart because I know what it is like to come to a foreign country with my parents and face a difficult time.   I personally know a number of young adults who are having a hard time landing jobs in their chosen fields because they lack work experience."  

As a refugee, Noaman has proven that sky truly is the limit and dreams do come true.  Her passion for jewellery design, was merely a hobby which developed in her teenage years; today she has been featured in countless publications from the National Post, The Globe & Mail to ELLE Cananda.  She has also had the oppurtunity to showcase her designs in numerous fashion shows in North America and design for various actors, singers and the like. So dream big and work hard toward making those dreams come true!  If you have any business related inquires for Shah, shoot us an email and it would be her pleasure to get back to you.

2014-09-08 00:06:38

Happy Monday friends! Here are some fun facts on a ‘protective’ semiprecious stone:

Tigers Eye aka Hawks Eye

  • Tigers eye (sometimes called tiger eye) is the 18th Anniversary gemstone.  It is mainly found in India, USA, South Africa and Australia.  Tigers eye can be found in several colours; brown being the most popular colour, followed by black, blue and red - all with strip traces running through them. Can you guess what colour tigers eye is used in the 3SHAHS' lariat below?!



A few more facts...

  • Tigers eye is a  stone that promotes protection, clear thinking, willpower, courage, integrity in communication, balancing emotions, peace, personal empowerment and luck.  It is believed to aid in treating ones eyes, throat, and reproductive organs.


If you'd like to order your very own custom piece with tigers eye, shoot us an email!

2014-09-07 08:35:11

sunday musing

2014-09-03 20:46:01

Canada’s Bridal Show is back at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this weekend; September 5, 6, and 7.   A staple of the MTCC’s event roster since 1985, this year’s show will be, to employ an oft-used cliché, bigger and better than ever!



From incredible contests to a wide variety of exhibitors; everything from David’s Bridal, Coquette Studios (floral arrangements) to the Aruba Tourism Authority, and over 150 others, will be on hand to help you plan and ensure your big day is an unqualified success.  The doors open on Friday from 5pm to 10pm, Saturday from 10am to 9pm, and Sunday  from 10am to 6pm.  Tickets are $20 and can be purchased here or at the door.  If you can’t make it this weekend, no need to cancel the wedding! (just kidding). The show will return to the MTCC on January 9, 10, and 11, 2015.


On a more serious note, 3SHAHS is always here for your wedding day needs.  We adore custom designing for brides and their bridal parties!! We work with your wedding colours, theme, vision and budget.  We also have a collection dedicated to the celebration of love; our Wedding Bells collection, which includes rings to necklaces, made with varying materials from rice freshwater pearls to Swarovski crystals.



Please contact us to discuss making whatever pieces you can dream of for your big day, a reality. 


2014-08-31 17:17:17

If you came into this world in the month of September then the lovely Sapphire is your birthstone.  Popular since the Middle Ages, and part of the gem species corundum, they occur in all colours of the rainbow with the exception of red - which is of course, called a Ruby (see our blog post on July’s birthstone).



Generally Sapphires are various shades of blue, due to the small amounts of titanium and iron within its crystal structure.  Different contaminants in their structure begat other colours; yellow stones have ferric iron in them, for example, while white stones have no contaminants at all.




Sapphires were traditionally thought to protect loved ones from envy and harm, and to represent the purity of the soul.  Medieval clergy wore sapphires to symbolize heaven, while common folk thought the gems attracted heavenly blessings. In 13th century France, the sapphire was credited with turning stupidity to wisdom and irritability to good temper, while the ancient Persians called them the “celestial stone”. Today sapphires are believed to create clarity, intuition and promote peace of mind.

2014-08-31 08:59:49

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2014-08-27 00:50:41

Loving the bohemian to chic beach feel.  From the blues to the camels, feathers to crystals...customize your unique look with accessories.



2014-08-24 13:55:29

love and compassion

2014-08-17 20:29:35

The floral motif as a design theme in jewellery started blossoming (pardon the pun!) thousands of years ago with the ancient Egyptian and ancient Greek civilizations.   Indigenous flowers to a particular region, whether they're roses, ivy, or magnolias, have been used in jewelled creations to convey and elicit a multitude of emotions, from romantic love to friendship to love of nature.   As with many jewellery designs, its popularity would ebb and flow across history and geographic boundaries.   


As a staple of our natural world, flowers' recurrent popularity is virtually assured with the lapidary.   To cite a few examples, jewellery with this motif was expansive during the Seljuk dynasty in Persia (1037-1194), and later on in the Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey) where floral hair adornments in the 1500's were highly prized.  Flowers were very much the inspiration behind the 16th century baubles created by the pepper-trading powerhouse of Aceh (modern day Sumatra), and much of India’s fabulous jewellery has displayed this flower power on and off for many centuries.  



Floral cues inundated Native American horologists' wares, from the Apache to the Zuni tribes, throughout their long and proud histories.    In Europe, floral rage took root during the early Victorian Romantic period (early 19th century), and again in the Art Nouveau and Arts and Arts and Crafts movements a century later.  



The 1930's brought floral patterns to the fore, while the Hippy movement's "flower power" of the 1960's brought it back into day-glo coloured enamel prominence.  Indeed, flowers in jewellery always seem to come back into vogue every couple of decades.



Now, here we are in the Summer/Fall of 2014, and the beguiling flower is once again the muse for jewellery designers.  Pieces with this motif have been seen on the runway from many of the major fashion and jewellery houses worldwide.  Here at 3SHAHS, we love using flowers in our designs, from the  Pansy Goddess to our Nature's Nector ring seen below.  As always, you can contact us to have a unique piece made to order.  


Remember to  slow down and  take time to smell the roses (and other flowers), and adhering to the latest fashion trend, wear them too!